November 14, 2019


"A couple of months after purchasing my hottub there was a malfunction and the people at Alcoe promptly came out in very cold weather to repair the unit. They replaced the circuit board and the hottub is now working perfectly. Thank you Brad, Steven, and crew for your prompt service and also thank you for your congeniality.This hot tub is a blessing for dealing with the issue of soreness after exercising.My advice would be to ever buy a hot tub without full service. My case is a prime example as to why we should buy locally and from a company that is service oriented and the guys at ALCOE are service oriented.Many thanks to ALCOE and the team at the Lubbock office."
October 27, 2019

"Five Stars"
October 10, 2019

"Our family has thought about getting a hot tub for some time. Over the last year it felt a little more necessary with some of my nagging back issues. What I found from research and testimonials of friends was the most important thing about buying a hot tub was the service. Well, we bought from Alcoe and could not have received better service! Steven, Brad, and Company really know what they are doing. Other companies would have delivered my hot tub to the front curb leaving me to figure out the specifics on my own. Alcoe delivered, set up, and prepared me for keeping my hot tub in top shape. They even took care of the electrical. Even their pre-visit was essential because of the spot I wanted to put my hot tub, but it was no problem for these guys. Truly a great experience from start to present (I will not say "start to finish" because these guys continue the relationship of taking care of their customers. Thank you Steven and Brad...I really appreciate your help, professionalism, and crew. You made what I thought was a hard decision an easy one."
October 5, 2019

"This has been an excellent experience from the time I purchased to the delivery & instillation. These guys are great!!"
August 22, 2019

The Perfect Experience

"I want to start off with I am a very very perfectionistic person. Steve was very kind and informative when we were selecting a hot tub/spa. We told him what we were wanting, price range, and why we wanted one. He never tried to oversell us on anything and did NOT try to get us to go "bigger". We made arrangements for Brad to meet the electrician and the appointment started and went as scheduled. The spa was delivered on time and placed in the exact location I wanted. (It wasn't even a quarter inch off!) We used the water service they suggested (never were told we had to or felt forced to use this option). The gentleman (sorry I can't remember his name even though he introduced himself) who installed the spa, was extremely informative. He went over all the functions and how to use them. He also went over all of the chemical and cleaning instructions,to include how/why it works and time periods needed for each item. We spent over two years looking for the right one and two weeks using the one we purchased from ALCOE and I know for a fact that we finally found it and the customer service was a great bonus!"