October 5, 2019

"This has been an excellent experience from the time I purchased to the delivery & instillation. These guys are great!!"
October 4, 2019

"If you are considering a hot tub, use Alcoe. Brad and his team are excellent communicators and deliver excellent service. From the point of the sale to the install, it was very professional. These guys know what they are doing and do it very well. Ken did the install and was very knowledgeable of the product and very friendly on top of that. Stay away from brand X and use Alcoe. Excellent products and excellent service. The transaction and installation was seamless."
September 19, 2019

"Great experience. Highly recommended Alcoe if you are interested in a hot tub. Many varieties to chose from and the owners are very knowledgeable."
September 12, 2019

"Great experience on our hot tub purchase! They helped us make an educated decision by explaining all the different options and differences between each level of hot tub. The installation and education was excellent. Would highly recommend them and wouldn't hesitate using them again! Thank you!!"
September 3, 2019

"My wife and I were in the market for a new hot tub. We had went to several places and looked at many hot tubs. After looking at all those tubs, we had learned a few things about more of what we wanted. When we came into the Alcoe store, the people there were very knowledgeable and helpful. They had even told us more stuff to help with our decision. We bought our tub and had it made in the colors we wanted. When the guys delivered it to us, we were even more impressed with all the years of knowledge that came with the delivery. I would recommend these guys to anyone and all my friends. This company really cares about their products and us customers. When you are tired of dealing with the typical salesman, go see Alcoe.... You will be glad you did. Not only will you get a top quality product, you will get top quality and knowledge staff to assist in all your needs. Thanks guys for the awesome hot tub and GREAT experience with Alcoe."
August 22, 2019

The Perfect Experience

"I want to start off with I am a very very perfectionistic person. Steve was very kind and informative when we were selecting a hot tub/spa. We told him what we were wanting, price range, and why we wanted one. He never tried to oversell us on anything and did NOT try to get us to go "bigger". We made arrangements for Brad to meet the electrician and the appointment started and went as scheduled. The spa was delivered on time and placed in the exact location I wanted. (It wasn't even a quarter inch off!) We used the water service they suggested (never were told we had to or felt forced to use this option). The gentleman (sorry I can't remember his name even though he introduced himself) who installed the spa, was extremely informative. He went over all the functions and how to use them. He also went over all of the chemical and cleaning instructions,to include how/why it works and time periods needed for each item. We spent over two years looking for the right one and two weeks using the one we purchased from ALCOE and I know for a fact that we finally found it and the customer service was a great bonus!"