September 15, 2017

Bill Phipps

"Have really enjoyed our Swim Spa for several years! Like all equipment maintenance is key for the long term. Alcoe has a great line of chemicals that I use which keeps my spa water crystal clear year a round with little effort. I have found their service to be dependable and top notch and have meet all my maintenance needs promptly."
July 30, 2017

Lance Gowens

"Our experience so far has been incredible. From the no pressure sales all the way to installation has been great. My biggest fear in purchasing something like this would be what happens after the sale?? Not a concern for me now."
July 18, 2017

Nick Jones

"Brad and Steve made our experience easy and enjoyable. They organized the electricians and had the spa set up in no time. They were patient with explaining maintenance to my wife and I at different times. Look no further than Alcoe! Thanks guys!"
June 22, 2017

Rick Tadlock

"Great service, top notch install. Great product."
June 18, 2017

Cristian Rodriguez

"I love Alcoe's hotubs!!! I love to use mine right after a hard workout after the gym"