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Six Questions to Help You Plan the Perfect Sunroom

July 14, 2021

Sunrooms are delightful and relaxing spaces that help bridge the gap between outdoors and indoors. On cold winter days, you can still enjoy the sunshine, and on cool, breezy fall afternoons, they allow you to open windows and feel the fresh air—minus the insects and other less delightful aspects of nature. There are plenty of considerations that go into planning the perfect sunroom with your sunroom contractor. Here are six different things to consider before you start breaking ground on your custom sunroom: Where will it be located and what’s the primary purpose? Your sunroom’s purpose will directly relate to... View Article

Choosing the Best Hot Tub

July 6, 2021

When a homeowner in Lubbock, TX decides to invest in a hot tub, they often want to know what the “best” hot tub is. Since different brands and models come with varied features, advantages and drawbacks, the answer is often subjective—it depends on how, where, when and why you’ll use the hot tub. Here are the questions you should ask yourself in order to guide your purchasing decisions: Where will you put it? The first thing you should consider is where you’ll put your hot tub. It needs to be on flat, level ground with electrical access. Most homeowners place... View Article

Simple Aerobic Exercises to Try in Your Swim Spa

March 23, 2021

People usually flock to the gym when they want to get in shape. Gyms aren’t the only fitness option and could even be damaging for those with joint pain or recovering from an injury. The good news is that countless exercises are adaptable for swim spas or any pool readily available in Lubbock, TX. Here are just a few swim spa aerobic exercises to get you started. Running in place Running becomes a low-impact exercise when you try it underwater. It doesn’t require any equipment and serves as a proper warmup before the rest of your workout. Jog in place... View Article

Swim Spas vs. Hot Tubs

March 9, 2021

At first glance, hot tubs and swim spas may look exactly the same. What many people in Lubbock, TX don’t realize is that they serve entirely different purposes, and buying the wrong one can lead to a lot of hassle and disappointment. Take a look at some key differences between the two before committing to a purchase. Purpose Swim spas are generally larger than hot tubs because they have to provide enough room for activities like swimming laps, rowing and other aerobic exercises. With other options, swimmers have to turn around once they reach the other side. Swim spas fix... View Article

A Hot Tub in Winter Offers Many Benefits

February 26, 2021

There’s still a lot of winter ahead of us. Why not make the most of it by enjoying some hot tub sessions? That’s right—while many people might typically use their hot tub during the summer if it’s located outside, using it during the winter can be incredibly relaxing and comes with a number of benefits. Here are just a few examples of why you should enjoy your hot tub during the Lubbock, TX winter: Comforting warmth: A hot tub is a great way for you to warm up without having to add extra layers of clothing. The warmth of the... View Article