Swim Spas in Lubbock, TX

Looking for a way to get the benefits of rest and relaxation, while also keeping up on physical therapy or light to extreme exercise? We have decades of experience so we are able to understand and better fulfill all your needs!

We offer a great selection of options, which means we’re able to provide you with more opportunities to enjoy hydrotherapeutic benefits.

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  • Versatile Hydrotherapy Activities

    What makes a swim spa installation so great? We believe it’s all of the great exercises and activities you can enjoy while using one. Depending on your age, health or lifestyle, swim spas can be used to reduce pain, improve mobility, condition muscles and much more. Some of the activities possible in these unique spas include:

    • Swimming
    • Water aerobics
    • Jogging
    • Walking
  • Swim Spa Installations in all Sizes

    Depending on the available space you have and the level of use you expect from your swim spa, choosing the right size becomes an important factor to consider. Let our knowledgeable staff walk you through the options we carry, so you feel confident in purchasing a size that’s accommodating to your activity preferences:

    • 12′ swim spa
    • 14′ swim spa
    • 16′ swim spa
    • 17′ swim spa
    • 19′ swim spa
    • 19′ dual zone swim spa

Control Your Fitness Level

The secret to a great swim spa installation is the depth and width of the current. We sell models that offer the best of both worlds, with control options that enable you to adjust the jet pumps around your fitness level or desired activity. Put the resistance at your desired level to enjoy a workout at varying degrees of rigor or dial it back to enjoy your spa passively—the choice is yours.

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