January 3, 2020

"These guys know their hot tubs to a T. They answered every question and were very patient with our indecisiveness. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase and the Alcoe guys. Brad helped with the delivery and went over everything we needed to know and has been very helpful since. I will highly recommend them to everyone I know!"
November 25, 2019

"Would just like to say that the gentlemen from Alcoe are great to work with! My wife and I purchased one of their reconditioned Sundance Spas in October of 2018. I've waited a year to write a review in order to give a full account of the purchasing experience and ongoing services. The tub was like NEW and has been a life saver for my wife who has chronic pain issues in her neck and back. When the tub was installed, they were able to get the job done in a very timely manner and were incredibly professional. That level of service has continued over the past year when we have returned to purchase chemicals and other consumables and hardware for general preventative maintenance support. They offer a superior line of products at fair prices. While we were shopping for the Spa, they didn't play the typical sales games: There were no gimmicks, no pushy sales people, no nonsense. They are very knowledgeable, and were eager to educate us on the details involved with buying a Spa. This was done more in the way of informing us on points of quality to look for in making this purchase and let the Sundance Spa sell itself on merit as opposed to giving us a hyped up sales pitch. In regards to the product, the Sundance Spa is the best tub available in the Lubbock market. The quality of construction is by far much better than the other tubs you'll find in other showrooms for the same if not higher price. I am very satisfied with the exceptional service that Alcoe has provided and will continue to recommend them to my friends and family."
November 14, 2019


"A couple of months after purchasing my hottub there was a malfunction and the people at Alcoe promptly came out in very cold weather to repair the unit. They replaced the circuit board and the hottub is now working perfectly. Thank you Brad, Steven, and crew for your prompt service and also thank you for your congeniality.This hot tub is a blessing for dealing with the issue of soreness after exercising.My advice would be to ever buy a hot tub without full service. My case is a prime example as to why we should buy locally and from a company that is service oriented and the guys at ALCOE are service oriented.Many thanks to ALCOE and the team at the Lubbock office."
October 27, 2019

"Five Stars"
October 10, 2019

"Our family has thought about getting a hot tub for some time. Over the last year it felt a little more necessary with some of my nagging back issues. What I found from research and testimonials of friends was the most important thing about buying a hot tub was the service. Well, we bought from Alcoe and could not have received better service! Steven, Brad, and Company really know what they are doing. Other companies would have delivered my hot tub to the front curb leaving me to figure out the specifics on my own. Alcoe delivered, set up, and prepared me for keeping my hot tub in top shape. They even took care of the electrical. Even their pre-visit was essential because of the spot I wanted to put my hot tub, but it was no problem for these guys. Truly a great experience from start to present (I will not say "start to finish" because these guys continue the relationship of taking care of their customers. Thank you Steven and Brad...I really appreciate your help, professionalism, and crew. You made what I thought was a hard decision an easy one."
October 9, 2019

"Steven helped us and walked us through every aspect of the PERFECT hot tub for our needs. There are numerous showroom models and something to fit everyone's needs. Brad assisted us with every aspect of the install. High five to Ken and Brendon for coming out today and setting the hot tub up and giving very thorough and concise instructions for our hot tub use. The professionalism of everyone we worked with through-out the process has made our INVESTMENT perfect."