Should I Buy My Hot Tub From a Dealer or Home Improvement Show?

February 7, 2023

If you are considering buying a hot tub or swim spa, the first choice you need to make is where to purchase from. This is an important detail to decide because where you purchase from can really affect the quality of the item you receive and your overall hot tub experience. In this quick guide, we will provide you with some information to help you decide if you buy from a home show or not.

What Is a Home Show?

A home show is a convention-type setting in which many different brands will display their products to homeowners. Here you will find a wide variety of products including home accessories and home improvement. Hot tubs and swim spas are often featured at home shows.

Can You Buy Items at Home Shows?

Yes, you can purchase items directly at home shows. However, there are many pitfalls of buying a hot tub or swim spa at a home show. Below you will find several reasons why you should not consider buying your hot tub this way.

Ideas Only

Visiting a home show can be a lot of fun. Families often visit these events to get ideas for home improvements or to compare home accessories they are considering buying. However, when you are looking to purchase a big ticket item such as a hot tub or a swim spa, you really need time to consider and compare from many different places.

It is unlikely that you will be able to focus and compare prices properly in the hyped-up environment of a  home show. Use home shows as a way to collect ideas, not for shopping purposes.

Deposits and Down Payments

Vendors at home shows will often bring in high-pressure sales teams to represent their products at a home show. The purpose of this is to convince people to make a commitment on the spot. You will be encouraged to make a down payment or to put down a deposit on an item that you like. The problem here is that you can not properly focus and concentrate on price comparison in the home show environment.

Unrecognizable Brands

You might be intrigued by what seems like a really affordable deal at a home show because the item is an unrecognizable brand. If you are in the market for a big item like a hot tub, you really need to research the brands available so that you can make a good choice. If you have been doing your research and have become familiar with good-name brands, do not be impressed with cheap prices for no-name companies.

Options to Test Soak

A reputable company will allow potential customers the option to test soaking in a hot tub before buying. This is really not an option at a home show. This is a special option you can get when you make an appointment with a reputable company though. Buying at a home show strips you of many good options for comparative shopping. Which is why it is not a great idea to purchase at a home show.

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