How to View and Enjoy the Stars from Your Hot Tub

January 10, 2023

Enjoying a nighttime ritual of stargazing in a hot tub is the ideal way to bring close couples or friends together. The hobby can be much more rewarding when you share a common interest. Plus, on a cold winter night, the warmth of the hot tub adds a layer of comfort, entertainment, and enjoyment.

Under the right conditions, wondrous sights are possible from this unique perspective. You could bear witness to eclipses and magnificent showings of meteor showers while soaking in the breathtaking ambiance of star clusters.

It’s better to sky watch with others than alone to share corroboration for the magic the night sky. How should you view and enjoy the stars while relaxing in a hot tub? Consider these suggestions.

How to View and Enjoy The Stars from Your Hot Tub

Even when the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can enjoy the hot tub and the night sky. That means having the tub near the house so you can quickly get in and be inclined to participate in the activity more often, even in the chill of the winter.

A priority is avoiding “light pollution,” ensuring you’re in the darkest possible area of the garden to enjoy a crisp view. Cold or not, an enthusiast will take it on the chin to get the most from sky-watching.

What are some ways to take stargazing to the next level? Follow these suggestions.

A Red Light Will Help Your Eyes Adjust to the Darkness

Your eyes will need to adapt to the darkness, which astronomers indicate can take roughly 30 minutes. “Red light torches” assist with preserving the eyes that have adapted. Avoid your mobile; the brightness will ruin it. 

With this light sensitivity, you’ll be amazed at how incredible the night sky appears and the number of stars that will appear compared to when you initially viewed the sky. 

With eyes adapted, you’ll be able to see with the naked eye colors with various stars, planets (stars twinkle, planets don’t), and how stars form patterns. The eye will see asterisms, which are small star patterns the naked eye can readily make out, but these aren’t recognized constellations.

Constellations take a great deal of imagination to form with the naked eye.

The Use of Star Gazing Apps Can Help

Several apps help stargazers find what they’re most interested in seeing in the night sky. That can be one of the 88 constellations or even more in hidden sight. 

Consider these apps:

  1. Heavens Above: Offers an alert for sky watchers to prepare for the “International Space Station” and other satellites to come into view.
  2. Mobile Observatory: It’s suggested this app is essentially a software package. There’s a distinct realism to the night sky depiction, and it allows progressive views of night sky events.
  3. Star Tracker: The sky watcher sweeps over the night sky with the mobile, and the app will identify in incredible graphics the various planets, constellations, and stars.
  4. Sky Safari: Allows for easy planning of your hot tub sky watching sessions so you can enjoy the events like eclipses.

In the chill of winter nights, the hot tub adds a layer of coziness and warmth to the stargazing experience. Try using an “interactive map” to help you recognize the constellations.

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