Should I Choose A Swim Spa Over A Pool?

April 19, 2022

Is a Swim Spa or Pool Better?

Swimming traditionally is done in a body of water or a pool. But the water mostly is stationary – unless you are swimming in a river or a creek.

You must propel yourself through the body of water until you reach the other side. Then you return to your starting point. That is how the Olympic Games conduct swimming competitions.

You might adore the thought of installing an indoor or outdoor pool where you live. If you are especially lucky and wealthy, you might even have both.

But a pool requires space. And it requires a lot of water. Both can be very hard to come by in some locales. That raises the question: Is a swim spa or pool better? The following could help to answer that question for your particular situation.

Space Matters Most for Swimming

A swim spa provides the swimming experience without the need for a large pool or a body of water. Instead, a swim spa creates its own flowing current. That current is adjustable and enables you to swim in place to get a great workout.

A pool is much larger and uses a lot more water than a swim spa. That is why many property owners in the Desert Southwest are draining their pools and filling them in with concrete, sand or gravel.

Pools are costly and have a lot of water to heat. A swim spa is small and uses relatively little water, which is much easier to heat. When space is a constraint, then a swim spa might be your ideal solution.

Household Size Matters

If your home has ample space outdoors and you live in a location where water is plentiful, then a pool might be a better option. That is especially true if you have a large family.

A pool can be a great location for hosting friends and family for outdoor gatherings. You can dive into the deep end and enjoy sharing the water with others.

A swim spa typically enables one person to use it at a time. You could not dive into it or share the space with others. That makes it very limiting in its use.

Final Considerations

You need to consider your space availability and how many people are likely to use a pool or a swim spa. Individuals with relatively few visitors could make better use of a swim spa. But those who have large families and lots of friends who visit will likely benefit more from a pool.

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