Therapeutic and Relaxation Hot Tubs: What’s the Difference?

January 6, 2022

If someone compared therapeutic and relaxation hot tubs side by side, they probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. At first glance, the hot tubs look exactly the same: massage jets, bubbling water and cozy seats. Plus, they both offer the opportunity for hot tub hydrotherapy. These two models share some similarities, but they’re also different in several ways.

Before making a purchase, check out the main differences between therapeutic and relaxation hot tubs.

The hot tub’s intended purpose

Therapeutic models are designed for hot tub hydrotherapy. In other words, the various features help alleviate muscle soreness and joint pain. Therapeutic hot tubs are best suited for people with chronic pain or athletes recovering from injuries. However, anyone can enjoy the healing benefits of a therapeutic hot tub.

On the other hand, relaxation hot tubs are geared more towards socializing and general enjoyment. Many come equipped with waterproof music speakers and LED lights that change color. The purpose of a relaxation hot tub is simply to unwind, although the warm water can still help loosen muscles and ease pain.

Average size of the hot tubs

Therapeutic hot tubs tend to run on the larger side. Unlike models designed purely for relaxation, therapeutic hot tubs have a large open space in the center where individuals can stretch or complete physical therapy exercises. There’s seating around the perimeter, but it might be difficult for guests to speak with one another when they’re sitting on opposite sides of the central space.

By contrast, relaxation hot tubs are generally a bit smaller. Despite the tighter dimensions, these models are capable of comfortably seating at least six people. The close quarters create a more intimate setting that’s ideal for conversations among a group of people.

Different types of seats

Since therapeutic models are designed for hot tub hydrotherapy, the seats are shaped in a very specific way. Therapeutic hot tubs feature ergonomic seats that support your body in all the right places. They encourage good posture and strive for optimal comfort.

Relaxation hot tubs are comfortable, but their seats aren’t designed for hydrotherapy like the ones in a therapeutic model. Instead of individual seats, many relaxation models have benches built into the perimeter in order to maximize the number of people who can sit inside the hot tub.

Hot tub jets and what they do

Therapeutic hot tubs feature specialized massage jets that target certain muscle groups. The user can control the jets’ positions and strength of the water stream. Many therapeutic models also have one strong jet at the front of the hot tub to create resistance, allowing users to walk or swim in place.

The jets in a relaxation model offer some massaging capabilities. However, users have less control over their strength and position. These jets are more intended to create a calm, spa-like atmosphere by roiling the water’s surface. In other words, they’re geared towards aesthetics rather than health benefits.

Whether you want a therapeutic or relaxation hot tub, you can find both products and more at Alcoe. Our experienced staff will walk you through the features of each hot tub in order to help you make an informed purchase. Contact us to set up your dream spa right at home!

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