Simple Aerobic Exercises to Try in Your Swim Spa

March 23, 2021

People usually flock to the gym when they want to get in shape. Gyms aren’t the only fitness option and could even be damaging for those with joint pain or recovering from an injury. The good news is that countless exercises are adaptable for swim spas or any pool readily available in Lubbock, TX. Here are just a few swim spa aerobic exercises to get you started.

Running in place

Running becomes a low-impact exercise when you try it underwater. It doesn’t require any equipment and serves as a proper warmup before the rest of your workout. Jog in place for a couple minutes, driving your knees as high as you can. Set your swim spa’s water current to a low speed if you’re craving a challenge. Facing away from the jets, run backwards to engage additional muscle groups.


You don’t have to buy a workout bike to strengthen your leg muscles. Homeowners in Lubbock, TX who already have pools can achieve the same pedaling motion simply by holding on to the side wall. Extend both arms along the wall to prop yourself up, then float on your back. With your legs still underwater, pedal for one to two minutes. Swim spa aerobic exercises like this use the natural resistance of water to build muscle while easing the burden on your joints.


This next exercise works great from that same bicycling position. Begin by floating with your legs straight out and pressed together. Then, pull your knees toward your chest. Straighten your legs again to complete the rep. Beginners should start with sets of 10 to 20 crunches and increase the reps as they get used to the exercise. When adapted for the water, a basic exercise like crunches involves very little impact and focuses on strengthening the core.

Elevated pushups

Standard pushups on land are dangerous for people recovering from a wrist or shoulder injury. But when executed in a swim spa, you’re able to complete a set of pushups without causing further harm to your body. Prop both hands on the entry step and keep your back straight as you slowly bend at the elbows. Start off with sets of 10 to 15 pushups, or however many works best for your fitness level.

Chest presses

Just like all the previous exercises mentioned here, chest presses are easily converted into swim spa aerobics. All you need is a pair of waterproof dumbbells that provide a challenge but are still easy enough to carry. Make sure your chest is underwater, then hold the dumbbells at chest height with your palms facing down. Extend your arms straight out, then return again. You can increase the difficulty by using heavier weights or facing the water jets for added resistance.

These simple exercises are only a starting point. You’d be surprised to learn how much you can do at home with just a pool and a couple of weights. Consult the experts at Alcoe in Lubbock, TX for more ways on how to get the most out of your swim spa.

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