Tips on Choosing Where to Place Your Hot Tub

January 10, 2021

Congratulations on your wise decision to buy a hot tub—it’s sure to bring you years of enjoyment, stress relief and physical relaxation! Now that you’ve decided to get one, and maybe even know the model you want, it’s time to determine where to place your new hot tub. Before your delivery from your local hot tub store in Lubbock, TX arrives, you’ll need to figure out where it should go. Here’s how to choose the best location for your new hot tub

Who will use it the most?

When you’re installing a hot tub, you probably already have a good idea of who will use it the most. If you’re planning to make it part of your family activities, or want to entertain guests, it’s best to place it near your main gathering spot. That could be on or near the patio or deck, or near an outdoor fireplace. However, if you’re planning to use it solely for adult relaxation, you might want to put it in a more secluded area.

Do you have a solid surface available?

Your hot tub needs a solid, stable surface to sit upon—not just dirt or grass. If you don’t have enough paved or deck space, you’ll need to install pavement, concrete pavers or a deck before the hot tub can be situated. Keep in mind that if you plan to put your hot tub on a deck, you must ensure the deck can support the weight of a full tub plus two to four adults.

What are your privacy needs?

Depending on your backyard configuration, you might need help to keep prying eyes away from the hot tub area. Some owners choose decorative gazebos or lattice panels, which offer privacy and a place to grow climbing vines. Strategically placed trees, shrubs and potted plants can also help you create a secluded spot for your hot tub area.

How close do you want it to the house?

Many people choose to place their hot tubs as close as possible to their homes, to cut down on running back and forth between the warm house and the warm water. Keep in mind that, depending on your electrical needs, you may not be able to simply plug the tub into an outdoor outlet. Some voltages require the help of an electrician—and if that’s the case, you might want to take the opportunity to install a suitable outlet farther away from your home.

Do you want to add any features?

If you’re adding additional electrical wiring to your home to accommodate your new hot tub, you might also want to take the opportunity to add features like a sound system, lights and other aesthetic options.

Your hot tub is sure to be your new favorite place in your home, especially when you pick the right placement and aesthetic features. For more information about hot tub placement and the right models for your needs, pay a visit to Alcoe, your local hot tub store in Lubbock, TX.

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