The Health and Skin Benefits of Adding a Hot Tub to Your Home

December 24, 2020

Everyone knows that hot tubs are designed to be relaxing, but did you know that they also offer health and skin benefits? It’s true: hot tubs have been proven to benefit your health and skin, all thanks to hot water and powerful jets. If you’ve been thinking about adding a hot tub to your home, now is a great time to start browsing the selection at the best hot tub stores in Lubbock, TX. You can reduce your stress, improve your health and maybe even look younger, all while having fun:

  • Say goodbye to stress: You’ve heard of endorphins, the brain chemicals that make us feel happy, reduce stress and relieve our perception of pain. Sinking into a hot tub has been proven to release endorphins, just like when you walk outside and feel the sun on your face. When you get into a hot tub, your brain almost instantly starts releasing endorphins, which reduces your stress, helps relieve your pain and improves your mood.
  • Get a better night’s sleep: When you’re stressed or in pain, it can be quite difficult to get a full night of quality sleep. Studies have shown that hot water is effective in inducing sleep and getting better rest. When it’s time for sleep, your body temperature naturally cools down. Taking a dip in a hot tub raises your body temperature so that when you get out and dry off, your body is already starting to undergo the sleep process. This is particularly good for people who have trouble falling asleep.
  • Soothe stiff muscles and joints: If you suffer from muscle pain, stiff joints, fibromyalgia, arthritis or other muscle and joint conditions, your hot tub can provide a lot of much-needed relief. Hot water on its own is great for relaxing stiff muscles and soothing joint pain, but when you add jets, the effects are amplified. Your body will feel more relaxed and loose after just one soak in the hot tub.
  • Get better skin: Who doesn’t want clearer, younger-looking skin? You probably already know that the steam from hot water is good for opening the pores, which allows your body to sweat out dirt, oil and pollutants. This makes your skin clearer, especially with regular use. What you might not realize is that steam also improves circulation and increases collagen and elastin production, which makes your skin look more youthful. Regular time in the hot tub will ensure that you not only feel great, but look great, too.
  • Have fun with your family and friends: Finally, the fun of hanging out in the hot tub with family and friends can have a significant impact on your mood. Not only will you enjoy all the physical benefits mentioned above, but sharing time with loved ones reduces stress and improves mood.

With all of these health and mood benefits, your hot tub might be the best investment you’ve ever made. Stop by Alcoe, Lubbock, TX’s best hot tub store, today to check out our selection and get recommendations from our experts.

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