Getting a swim spa

July 28, 2020

Getting a swim spa often revolves around an adult’s desire for exercise and relaxation, but if you have children, they can get in on the action, too. They’re great for teaching kids to swim in a controlled environment, but they can also be a great source of fun.

Ping pong ball “tag”

For this game, drop five or six ping pong balls in the water and turn on the jets. The object of the game is not to let any of the balls touch you, or you have to leave the swim spa. To make it more challenging, your feet have to stay on the ground (and your head above water) the whole time. When a player is tagged out, try turning the jets on even higher, until only one person is left standing

Pool toys

There are plenty of fun pool toys you can use in a swim spa, too. Water Basketballs, Aquatic frisbees, squirt guns, floating ring toss and other games are classics for a reason, and they don’t require a huge pool to be fun. Your kids will enjoy the water and the opportunity to splash their siblings (and you).

Make one up

Children tend to be quite inventive on their own, so don’t be surprised if they come up with their own games. If they’re out of ideas, try adapting classics like “Simon Says” or “Red Light, Green Light” for the swim spaand if all else fails, you can challenge them to perform tasks like “swim freestyle for two minutes” for glory and popsicles. Swim spas and children can be a highly enjoyable mix for Lubbock, TX families. Ready to invest in your own swim spa? Alcoe provides swim spas, hot tubs and outdoor accessories to make your summer the best one ever-stop by or call today to learn more.

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