Too Hot to Run? Try a Swim Spa in Lubbock, TX

August 16, 2019

When the sun is high in the bright Texas sky, it might be too hot to attempt your regular workout. But who says you need a track or a trail to run? It’s easy to complete your regular run with a swim spa in Lubbock, TX.
In fact, the added benefits of running in a swim spa in Lubbock, TX could provide a better workout than you would get on land. Here’s a quick guide to get the most from running in a swim spa.

Swim Spa Workout Benefits

Running in the water, also known as aqua jogging, offers several benefits to your body:

  • Calorie burn: It burns more calories than land jogging (up to 100 more calories per 30-minute workout).
  • Weightlessness: The buoyancy of the water provides a low-impact workout that is easy on the joints.
  • Complete fitness: A swim spa offers a total-body workout that incorporates your arms, legs and core.
  • Breathing: Running in a swim spa in Lubbock, TX requires rhythmic breathing, which improves your overall breathing habits and capacities.
  • Balance: Working out in the water requires balance, which improves upper body strength as well as provides a lower body workout.
  • Pacing: Aqua jogging helps you set a steady pace while running. This will improve your endurance.
  • Flexibility: The warm water of the swim spa in Lubbock, TX helps loosen joints and improve circulation, which will in turn enhance your flexibility. This reduces the chances of injury during your workout and improves your overall health.

Swim Spa Workouts

To add variety to your running workout in your swim spa in Lubbock, TX, try the following techniques:

  • Stationary jogging: Try running in place while bringing your knees as high as possible. Once you are warmed up, increase the swim current of your swim spa in Lubbock, TX. Jog against this current, maintaining your place in the pool (don’t let the current push you back).
  • Backwards jogging: This is something you probably can’t do during your outdoor runs! Position yourself so that your back is to the jets of your swim spa, then jog backwards. This engages more muscles than forward movement and provides an effective, unique workout.
  • Resistance workouts: Water provides a great resistance workout. As you run, work your arms as well. Moving them through the water gives you the benefit of a weight workout without having to use hand weights, risk injury or put unnecessary strain on your joints.
  • Full-body workouts: Keep in mind that you can do far more than running exercises in your swim spa in Lubbock, TX. Check with your local swim spa dealer to learn about exercises for your arms, core, back and more.

Keep Your Workout Cool

For a refreshing run that beats the heat, turn to Alcoe. We are your go-to source for swim spas in Lubbock, TX. Since 1959, we’ve specialized in the sale, installation and service of spas and swim spas. To start reaping the benefits of exercising in one of these in-home oases, contact our team today.

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