Top Health Benefits of a Swim Spa in Lubbock, TX

June 6, 2019

You know they are fun and relaxing, but did you know that swim spas in Lubbock, TX actually offer health benefits? That’s right, you can soak, swim, daydream reap benefits for your body. What are these benefits? Following are the top six. Visit your swim spa store in Lubbock, TX to learn more and start enjoying these benefits:

  • When you think of physical therapy, “fun” is probably not something that comes to mind. However, swim spas in Lubbock, TX offer a great way to enjoy water therapy. They offer the ideal setting for swimming that provides wonderful therapeutic benefits. When you’re having so much fun, it doesn’t feel like therapy. It’s simply a good time!
  • Effective rehabilitation: Do you have injured muscles? Whether you hurt your back while moving furniture or stretched too far while on the basketball court, a swim spa in Lubbock, TX can help you rehabilitate your injured muscles. The warm water raises your core temperature, which creates better blood flow. This helps heal injured tissues and relieve pain.
  • Stress release: Are your muscles tense? Perhaps you have a stressful job, or the kids tie you up in knots every day. By immersing yourself in a swim spa in Lubbock, TX, you can melt away the stress. The weightlessness provided by the water allows your muscles to relax, and the tension can leave your aching body. The relaxation and enjoyment also help increase the production of endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain reliever.

  • Immune boost: How often do you get sick? A poor immune system can’t effectively protect your body from the constant onslaught of germs it encounters. To boost your immune system, try a swim spa in Lubbock, TX. The warm water increases your circulation and blood flow. This allows your body to function more efficiently, which strengthens your immune system.
  • Body detox: Did you know sweating can be good for the body? While we often make efforts to avoid sweating, it’s actually a positive thing. It’s one of the best ways our bodies can eliminate toxins. When you use a swim spa in Lubbock, TX, you can swim against the current to provide resistance, which will make your body sweat more. This, in turn, can help flush the toxins out of your body and improve your health.
  • Illness aid: Many conditions and diseases affect the body’s muscles, joints and overall functioning. A swim spa in Lubbock, TX can be used to help treat the symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease and other neuromuscular conditions.

Enjoy the Benefits
Could your body use the health benefits of a swim spa? Visit your swim spa store in Lubbock, TX today. Stop by the inviting showroom at Alcoe to see what we have to offer. Established in 1959, we are the area’s go-to source for swim spas in Lubbock, TX. We specialize in the sale, installation and service of swim spas.

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