Energy Conservation Tips for Hot Tubs

June 6, 2019

Hot tubs in Lubbock, TX offer a relaxing at-home oasis. They can provide a slew of benefits for one’s health and enjoyment. To get the best benefits from hot tubs in Lubbock, TX, it’s important to conserve energy while you use them.
How is this possible? Use the following energy saving tips for hot tubs in Lubbock, TX. You’ll be able to reap the benefits while also saving on your utility bill:

  • Use a cover: Covers can help keep your hot tub water clean, but they can also help conserve energy. Much of the heat can escape your unit when it is not covered. By providing a snug cover for the hot tub in Lubbock, TX, you’ll trap the heat in the unit and reduce the amount of energy needed to keep it heated to the desired temperature.
  • Stop the wind: A windbreak is a great way to conserve energy with hot tubs in Lubbock, TX. Create a windbreak with fencing, a spa enclosure, shrubs or panels. As these features prevent the wind from traveling over your hot tub, they will conserve energy. As a bonus, these structures and landscaping also provide privacy for your hot tub use.
  • Enter economy mode: Will you be away from your hot tub in Lubbock, TX for a while? If you won’t be using the unit, place it in economy mode. By turning down the thermostat while you’re away, you will conserve energy. However, if you’ll be gone during cold weather, keep it at a low setting to prevent pipe damage.
  • Power down: Don’t forget to minimize the amount of energy your spa uses by turning off lights and jets when it is not in use. The jets might not require more energy, but they do cool the water, which will require more energy to reheat. Of course, lights are unnecessary when the unit is not being used.
  • Filter it: Be sure to perform proper maintenance on your hot tub in Lubbock, TX. Clean and change the filter regularly. This will allow your unit to function more efficiently, which will conserve energy. If you’re not sure how to maintain your unit, contact your hot tub store in Lubbock, TX for assistance.
  • Conserve water: If you notice that a lot of water is ending up on your surrounding deck, floor or the ground, you may need to make adjustments. As the water leaves your hot tub in Lubbock, TX, you’ll have to replace it and heat the new water. You may need to adjust your jets so streams don’t escape the hot tub. You should also check for leaks and repair these right away.

Start Saving
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