Tips for Adding a Sunroom in Lubbock, TX

April 5, 2019

S unrooms are among the more popular additions to homes, as they offer a great deal of versatility in their ability to provide extra entertaining places or areas to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by the elements. A sunroom may also be referred to as a solarium, sun porch or patio room, and is a glassed-in living space that is designed to provide a lot of natural light. Depending on the design, it may be for seasonal use only, or be capable of providing functional use all year round.

Here is some information and tips from a sunroom company in Lubbock, TX that you should
know before you decide to add a sunroom.

Structural Framing Materials

Energy efficient thermally improved extruded aluminum components form the framing
materials for a solarium. Bronze and White color is standard. Colors to match your home’s
trim color is also recommended.


Solarium sunrooms are walled with glass. The glass is durably thick and also tempered to provide strength against extreme weather. High-performance glass allows for superior visibility and works to prevent unwanted radiant heat gain from the sunshine. Some choices you’ll have include double-glazed glass, double-glazed glass with low-emissivity coatings, double-glazed glass with argon fillings and low-e coatings.


You may be wondering what you can expect to pay for a sunroom addition. Prices fluctuate based on design, location, and materials. The room will also get more expensive if you intend to run heating and cooling into it to use it all year long.

For more information about adding a sunroom in Lubbock, TX, contact the team at Alcoe today. Visit the Alcoe Showroom to see three full-sized solarium sunrooms, where you can personally inspect all available options. We can discuss your project and provide a project’s estimated cost.

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