Why Are Swim Exercise Spas Becoming So Popular?

August 14, 2018

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According to Edward R. Laskowski, M.D. of the Mayo Clinic, the US Department of Health and Human Services recommends that most adults get at least 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise a week.

There’s a solution — Swim exercise spas. What are they? Keep reading below to discover 10 reasons why swim exercise spas are becoming so popular right now.

  1. Swim all year
    You know pools provide great exercise but you’re probably concerned that you can only use a pool about 4 months per year here in West Texas. That’s a problem, but if you hate going to the gym and don’t want the hassle of paying membership fees, swim exercise spas are the ideal alternative. That’s because they allow you to excercise 365 days a year.
  2. Low-impact aerobic workouts
    You don’t want to exercise for years jogging just to be informed by a physician you now have worn out your knees and need a knee replacement. A swim exercise spa provides you with a way to exercise without putting unnecessary wear and tear on your joints and muscles. If you’re worried whether you can burn as many calories swimming as you can going for a good run, according to an article in RI Fit Magazine, it actually takes more effort to swim 2 miles than it does to run the same distance.
  3. Exercising in water lessens the effect of gravity on your body
    You have probably heard that swimming, jogging, walking and step climbing while submerged in water is the ultimate aerobic exercise medium. Because the water relieves the effect gravity has on your body, it helps prevent damage to your joints and muscles. In fact, the United States CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends water-based exercise for older adults because it improves the quality of life and reduces the chances of disability. It can also improve or maintain bone-health in women who are postmenopausal.
  4. A swim exercise spa means no more laps
    When you swim a mile in a 40 foot swimming pool, you must make 130 turns. To swim 1 mile in a swim exercise spa requires 0 turns. That’s because you don’t swim laps in them. You swim against an adjustable current instead. You adjust thecurrent to be compatible with your swimming ability, pace and speed.

    Kay Peiris left a wonderful Google review in August 2018 about her experience with her swim spa:

    “Have been using swim spa since April. (2018) Install went as planned support and follow up care has been excellent. Try to swim 20 to 50 laps each day great exercise. Would highly recommend both the equipment and Alcoe.”

  5. You can do more than just swim
    You might think that if you don’t like swimming that an exercise spa might not be right for you. However, many people don’t use their swim spa for actual swimming. Instead, they just walk or jog against the current while holding onto an exercise rail for stability.
  6. They’re also great for no-impact workouts
    If you’re rehabbing from injury, need to ease back into regular workouts, or your doctor has advised you to find a gentle form of exercise, then a swim spa is the perfect choice. That’s because you don’t have to swim against the current. Just hold onto the exercise rail, allow the flow from the swim jets to float your body horizontal.Then just paddle your legs for a few minutes to help lose weight, perform gentle aerobic exercise or just feel better from some NO IMPACT exercise.
  7. An exercise swim spa stays with you, not with a particular property
    When you sell your home, you can’t take your pool with you. With a swim spa, you just move the swim exercise spa to the new home. In fact, Alcoe will be happy to move the product for a reasonable charge.
  8. Adjustable temperatures
    Swim exercise spas allow you to adjust the water temperature from 80°F to 104°F.

    John Thomas discussed his swim spa experience in June 2018:

    “We’ve been working with Brad and Steven Lee since June 2017 when we purchased a Swim Spa from Alcoe. They have been great to work with and any time we have a need, they quickly respond. We love our Swim Spa as we have used it almost daily throughout the year. It is easy to maintain and love being able to swim year round. Ken has performed a few maintenance issues over the past year and is always quick to respond to any need we have. I highly recommend Alcoe for their product, service, and support.”

  9. Swim spas are also great for hydrotherapy
    You might think that a swim spa is just for exercising. But you can also use it just to relax. That’s because swim spas have hot tub seats in one end with massaging jets to provide hydrotherapy anytime you want. It’s like having your own massage therapist available anytime you want for as long as you want.
  10. Swim Excercise Spas are budget-friendly and low-maintenance
    Pools require a lot of time and money to keep them clean and running smoothly. By comparison, Swim Exercise Spas require very little effort or budget to maintain. In addition, swim spas cost much less to purchase than swimming pools do.

Ready for more information about swim spas?

Swim spas are a great way to get more exercise that combine the best elements of both swimming pools and hot tubs. Alcoe in Lubbock, TX has decades of experience providing West Texas, Eastern New Mexico and the Permian Basin with quality swim spas and other outdoor products. If you have questions about anything you’ve read here or just want more information on whether or not a swim exercise spa is the right choice for your home, contact us or stop by today.

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