Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Tub Installation

August 20, 2018

We’ve been providing quality hot tubs and spas throughout West Texas, Eastern New Mexico & Permian Basin for decades. That means that over the years, we’ve encountered just about every question and concern. As a result, we thought we’d cover 4 of the most frequently asked questions from customers like you when it comes to hot tub and swim spa installations.

  1. Will I need to hire an electrician to add electrical wiring for my new hot tub?
    It’s not uncommon to ask for help with electrical requirements and wiring when it comes to purchasing a hot tub. At Alcoe, we have a longstanding relationship with a reputable, reliable, licensed electrician who can install the wiring you will need.There’s no requirement that you use our electrician. You can choose to hire one of your own or perform the electrical wiring yourself. You’ll want to make sure that the person performing the wiring understands and installs it according to your local electrical codes. If you’re not confident of what those are, we recommend you use our electrician or hire your own.
  2. How much electricity does a hot tub require?
    Most hot tub manufacturers agree that your electricity costs will be somewhere between a high of $23.26 per month to a low of $ 9.58 per month.
  3. What about water and plumbing issues?
    No plumbing is required for a new hot tub. Most hot tubs today are entirely self-contained and are simply filled and drained using your garden hose.Your hot tub or spa will need to be drained occasionally. How often depends on the system your hot tub uses and how often you use it. Draining isn’t difficult. In fact, most of our hot tub customers drain the water into the yard so the water is not wasted and it can water their lawn or other landscaping.
  4. How long does it take from the time I purchase my hot tub until I can begin to use it?
    If you choose a model currently built up and in stock then the process can go very quickly and you can have the installation of your new hot tub in a matter of just a few days. Most of our hot tub buyers prefer to custom order their spa because they want to choose the exact options and colors they prefer.

Your custom built hot tub or spa will be ready in no-time, usually within approximately 21-28 working days. In some cases, your hot tub could be ready in a shorter amount of time, but more complicated custom builds could take longer.

We’ll have you relaxing in your hot tub in no time

Visit our showroom and let us help you decide on the exact scope of your project. We always work diligently to complete your new hot tub in as short a period as possible. Read our Google ratings, and our customers will tell you we are very quick and efficient and keep the promises we make regarding installation requirements.

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