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How Many Years Will My Hot Tub Last?

November 25, 2021

Hot tubs can be significant investments. Once you’ve spent the time and money on purchase and installation, you probably want to know that your hot tub will be around for a while. The truth is, it may or may not. The key is to purchase the right hot tub and to care for it properly in order to increase the longevity of hot tubs. Here’s what you need to know. Average hot tub lifespan Hot tubs can last from five to 20 years. That’s a fairly significant range. Several factors influence this lifespan, and you can take steps to extend... View Article

What’s The Best Place to Put Your New Hot Tub? Here Are Some Things to Consider

November 11, 2021

Your new hot tub will be a place of enjoyment for years to come. To maximize that enjoyment, you need to find the perfect spot for your spa installation. Should you put the hot tub inside? Outside? On a deck? In a gazebo? There are many options, but some are better than others, depending on a variety of factors. As you consider spa installation, keep the following in mind. The type of hot tub There are many types of hot tubs and swim spas available. Which do you plan to choose? Will it be a six-person hot tub? Do you... View Article

Five Ways a Hot Tub Can Improve Your Wellbeing

October 26, 2021

Thinking about getting a hot tub? Here’s the good news: you can’t go wrong when buying one. Hot tubs are renowned for being relaxing, but they also provide specific health and wellbeing benefits. If you have fantasies about unwinding and enjoying your evenings in a hot tub, year-round, read on: your dreams might be closer than you think. Here are some of the top health and wellbeing benefits a hot tub can offer: Hot water helps stress and anxiety: Whether you already spend a lot of time in a hot tub or you’re just a fan of hot baths, you... View Article

Swim Spas vs. Hot Tubs

March 9, 2021

At first glance, hot tubs and swim spas may look exactly the same. What many people in Lubbock, TX don’t realize is that they serve entirely different purposes, and buying the wrong one can lead to a lot of hassle and disappointment. Take a look at some key differences between the two before committing to a purchase. Purpose Swim spas are generally larger than hot tubs because they have to provide enough room for activities like swimming laps, rowing and other aerobic exercises. With other options, swimmers have to turn around once they reach the other side. Swim spas fix... View Article

A Hot Tub in Winter Offers Many Benefits

February 26, 2021

There’s still a lot of winter ahead of us. Why not make the most of it by enjoying some hot tub sessions? That’s right—while many people might typically use their hot tub during the summer if it’s located outside, using it during the winter can be incredibly relaxing and comes with a number of benefits. Here are just a few examples of why you should enjoy your hot tub during the Lubbock, TX winter: Comforting warmth: A hot tub is a great way for you to warm up without having to add extra layers of clothing. The warmth of the... View Article