How To Treat Dry Skin From Spa Use

September 20, 2022

The fall and winter months provide many ways for your skin to suffer from extreme dryness. If you are a hot tub lover, you can still enjoy it and counteract the drying effect at the same time. There are some tips you can follow to help you prevent dry skin and still enjoy your nightly hot tub soak.

How To Prevent Dry Skin From Spa Use

If you want to continue using your hot tub in the fall and winter months, here are some tips you can follow to ensure you prevent dry skin.

  • You first want to make sure that the hot tub’s pH is in the correct range. The ideal pH level for a hot tub is anywhere between 7.2 and 7.8. If the levels are lower than this range, it will result in more moisture being pulled out of your skin while hot tubbing. Always make sure that the pH levels are in the correct range to minimize dryness.
  • Always make sure that you pat your skin dry with a towel once you wrap up your hot tub soaking. You should pat your skin instead of rubbing it. This will help to eliminate additional friction to reduce skin dryness and irritation.
  • Using a product on your skin such as SilkBalance may also help. This product, in particular, has the ability to soften your skin while you soak in the hot tub. It also helps to keep your pH level in the normal range where it belongs without having to balance and test your water all the time. It is worth investing in this product because this, combined with locking in your pH to prevent skin dryness, is what you want.
  • You may want to consider converting your tub over to the ACE Salt Water System if you have a Hot Spring Spa. Soaking in salt water has proven to be way better for your skin than traditional hot tub chemicals. If you soak in softer water from the start, you can avoid the dryness from soaking in a hot tub. Saltwater soaking also has anti-aging benefits for your skin as well.
  • Lastly, you want to make sure that you use really good lotion after you soak in the hot tub to help restore the moisture and elasticity of your skin. Aim for a lotion that is packed with vitamins, moisturizers, and lipids to refresh your skin after soaking, such as Gold Bond’s Ultimate Restoring lotion.

If you are looking to avoid skin dryness in the fall and winter months, avoiding some traditional hot tub chemicals will help. Using lotion, and ensuring that the hot tub’s pH levels are in the normal range will help you tackle those annoying skin issues in the colder seasons of the year. If you need to spend a little bit of extra money on some really good moisturizing lotion, you should also do that.  

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