Six Questions to Help You Plan the Perfect Sunroom

July 14, 2021

Sunrooms are delightful and relaxing spaces that help bridge the gap between outdoors and indoors. On cold winter days, you can still enjoy the sunshine, and on cool, breezy fall afternoons, they allow you to open windows and feel the fresh air—minus the insects and other less delightful aspects of nature.

There are plenty of considerations that go into planning the perfect sunroom with your sunroom contractor. Here are six different things to consider before you start breaking ground on your custom sunroom:

  • Where will it be located and what’s the primary purpose? Your sunroom’s purpose will directly relate to its placement. For example, if you’re building it as a solarium or greenhouse, you’ll probably want a south-facing sunroom. This allows you to catch as much sunlight possible throughout the day. If you’d prefer to catch spectacular sunrises or sunsets, however, you’ll want an east- or west-facing sunroom, respectively. Knowing what you want to get out of your sunroom is the first thing to consider, whether it’s for relaxing with a book, raising plants or appreciating the outdoors.
  • Do you want a prefabricated room or site built? Depending on your budget and how customizable you need your sunroom to be, you might want to save money with a prefabricated sunroom. If you need custom measurements or features, however, you’ll probably want to opt for a site-built room.
  • What kind of window size and placement do you need? Knowing your sunroom’s location and primary purpose will help you decide on where you want to place the windows, and how big they should be. For example, people who want to make the most of the Texas sunsets might want larger, western-facing windows.
  • Will you heat or cool your sunroom? Keep in mind that heating or cooling your sunroom can be an expensive endeavor. If you’re not planning on installing climate control, your location and window placement can help keep temperatures at a moderate level. North facing sunrooms will typically stay the coolest all day long.
  • What kind of furniture and décor do you want? Here’s the fun part: what should your sunroom look like when it’s all said and done? Choosing the right type of flooring, furniture and décor is often the most enjoyable part of the task. Let the primary purpose of the room guide you. No matter what you plan to use your sunroom for, however, weather- and fade-proof furniture from Alcoe will ensure it looks great.
  • What kind of return on your investment do you expect? Finally, think about how much you plan to spend. On average, homeowners spend about $74,000 and recoup half of that when it’s time to sell. Your sunroom contractor can help you choose options that will keep costs within your budget and maximize your ROI later.

Let the team at Alcoe design and build your perfect custom sunroom! We’ll work with you to stay on budget, all while creating a beautiful indoor oasis. Reach out to us today to get started with a consultation.

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