Choosing the Best Hot Tub

July 6, 2021

When a homeowner in Lubbock, TX decides to invest in a hot tub, they often want to know what the “best” hot tub is. Since different brands and models come with varied features, advantages and drawbacks, the answer is often subjective—it depends on how, where, when and why you’ll use the hot tub. Here are the questions you should ask yourself in order to guide your purchasing decisions:

  • Where will you put it? The first thing you should consider is where you’ll put your hot tub. It needs to be on flat, level ground with electrical access. Most homeowners place their hot tubs on wooden decks or concrete patios. Just make sure that the surface you choose can support a hot tub’s full weight—water and people are heavy. The placement may also restrict how large your hot tub can be.
  • How do you plan to use it? What’s your primary reason for purchasing a hot tub? This can help you narrow down the must-have features. For example, if you’re primarily looking for a place to relax in hot, bubbling water, you’ll probably want to focus on the type and the quality of the jets. You might decide that you prefer models with at least one reclined seat, or that can be set at a precise temperature. On the other hand, people who are buying hot tubs for social opportunities in Lubbock, TX might want to invest in a model that seats eight or more people.
  • How many people will use it? Speaking of sizes and seats, how many people do you expect to use the tub at any given time? If you have a family of four, you’ll probably want to get a tub big enough for all of you plus a guest or two.
  • What kind of electricity source is available? Hot tubs come in either 110- or 220-volt models. The 110-volt models can be plugged into your existing electrical outlets, while 220-volt models require an electrician to either install a 220-volt outlet or hardwire the spa. The 220-volt models require less time to heat the water and can provide more powerful jets.
  • How often will you use it? Knowing how often you plan to use your hot tub can help you narrow down your selection. Do you plan to use it year-round? If so, picking an energy-efficient model can help cut down on energy costs. If you only want to use it in the warmer months, look for a model that’s easy to drain and winterize.
  • Do you need to take it with you when you move? Finally, consider whether portability is a concern. Some models are much easier to move, while others may need to be permanently installed or hardwired for best results.

Whatever your reasons for purchasing a hot tub in Lubbock, TX, Alcoe is sure to have the perfect model for you. Stop by our store to see our selection—our friendly staff will help you find a hot tub that fits all your needs!

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